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What you need to know about windows 7 product key

Important note when activating Windows 7 using product key?
The important point is that you must have an active internet connection. Before signing up your Windows 7 connection with the internet as it can help activate online. Not only Windows 7 but also Windows 10 and Windows 8 also work online, you may need to use an internet connection to activate Windows 7, 8 or 10 using the product key. There are very few resources as the server through which it checks whether this is valid or not, then go for this and activate your product.
If you are connected to the internet and the Windows 7 keyword does not work then please let us know in the Comments section. We will find a better way for your problem.
What other products can I write to activate Windows 7 64-bit?
There is a rare opportunity that on the Windows 7 product key does not work for you. But by chance, we are offering you the best product key for Windows 7. Here is the list:
Another way to activate Windows 7 with 2018 product key?
The best alternative is to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. There are very few features of Windows 7. Windows 10 has many features; Cortana is one of the best examples and helps solve many problems when you want to update Windows 10.
You do not know how to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7? See the paragraph above, there exists a link that you can monitor and upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 has many features and you will not feel the problem activated in Windows 10. We have a long list Windows 10 product key can help activate Windows 10. We are not saying that leaving Windows 7 and it does not have the advantage. Yes, you have the right to use Windows 7 as well as we have told the Windows 7 Home Premium product key.
Why Windows 7 product key does not work?
There are many reasons why a Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 product key lock does not work. It is difficult to activate Windows 7 because the user is moving and upgrading to Windows 10 and very few people buy the original Product Key.
In the past, it occurred that sometimes a product key applied to many windows 7 versions. But Microsoft is focusing on the features of Windows 10 rather than the update in Windows 7.
What is the final word for the Windows 7 product key? The last 64 bit product key of Windows 7
We have made every effort to provide the Windows 7 Home Premium product key. If your problem persists then you can upgrade to Windows 8 or 10. Another way is to purchase a Windows 7 product key.
Share this article with your friends if my secret key to the Windows 7 Home Premium product key is really right for you. Share your feedback with us. We appreciate your feedback.

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How to add background to taskbar on Windows 10

You can set the desktop wallpaper and wallpaper for the lock screen arbitrarily in Windows 10. Windows 10 product key provides images through Windows Spotlight or users can use images from their own wallpaper collection. However, the Windows taskbar is less flexible, you can only turn it on or off. If you find that too boring, in addition to the default settings of Windows, you can use third-party applications to customize the taskbar. Classic Shell is a popular application that can be used to add background images to the taskbar in Windows 10.
Classic Shell is a well known tool for restoring Windows 8 / 8.1 product key Start Menu and Windows 10 into the classic Windows 7 version. If you like the default Start Menu in Windows 10 then do not have to change it. You can continue to use it and add a background image to the taskbar with Classic Shell.
Create a background image for the taskbar
You just use any image as the background for the taskbar. However, if you find an image that matches the size of the taskbar, the aesthetic element will be significantly enhanced. To find the size of your taskbar, take a screenshot and use a tool like IrfanView to select and find its size.
Next, find an image, crop and resize the image to fit the size of the taskbar.
How to add background image to taskbar
Download and install Classic Shell. The first time you run Classic Shell, there will be different settings that you can customize. Select 'Show all settings' at the top.
If you want to attach to the default Windows Start Menu, go to the Controls tab. In 'Left Click opens', select 'Windows Start Menu'. Next, go to 'Windows product Key Opens' and select 'Windows Start Menu' again.
Next, go to the Taskbar. Select the 'Taskbar texture' option and use the browse button to select the image you plan to use as the taskbar background image. Click OK.
The Taskbar looks like this with the right sized image as the background.
If you are using a desktop wallpaper as a background, a fun wallpaper for the taskbar will make the screen look better. This is purely aesthetic and does not improve the functionality of the computer. In fact, if you use an old system, the Classic Shell can slow down a bit. You will need to set the application to start when booting the system if you do not want to boot it manually and of course, it will take a few seconds for the system to boot.

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Microsoft gets silverware thanks to Windows 7

On July 22nd, Microsoft announced that its net income rose sharply in the second quarter. This is the latest sign that technology business is recovering from the global crisis.
Strong sales figures for the Windows product key operating system, especially for Microsoft's enterprise customers and the Office 2010 suite of applications, boosted Microsoft's quarterly earnings in the second quarter. The software giant said it has sold more than 175 million licenses of its latest Windows 7 product key operating system since it was launched last year.
Large enterprises have stopped replacing computers, servers and software during the worst crisis. In the last quarter, Microsoft said there were signs that its corporate clients have begun spending again in the field.
The better-than-expected second-quarter results from Microsoft office 2016 product key, along with a brighter financial report from earlier Intel chip makers, show that the trend is picking up. Peter Klein, Microsoft's chief financial officer, said the number of long-term contracts with large corporations jumped in the quarter.
Sid Parakh, an analyst at McAdams Wright Ragen, said, "I think this is a good quarter. I would say this is a great quarter. "
Microsoft's business numbers are also closely tied to business results in the personal computer market. According to research firm IDC, global PC shipments in the second quarter increased by 22%.
During April-June, Microsoft's net profit jumped 48% to $ 4.52 billion, or 51 cents a share, surpassing $ 3.05 billion, or 34 cents a share. in the same quarter of 2009.
Microsoft's revenue jumped 22% to $ 16.04 billion from $ 13.1 billion in the same period last year.
The results of the company's profits and sales exceeded expectations of Wall Street analysts. According to Thomson Reuters' earlier analysis, Microsoft's net income was 45 cents per share on revenues of $ 15.3 billion.
Revenues from the Windows operating system increased 44% to $ 4.5 billion, more than a quarter of Microsoft's total revenue. For its business software segment, Microsoft said its Office 2010 office suite sales contributed steadily to drive sales of the entire segment up 15 percent to $ 5.3 billion.
Microsoft server software revenue grew 14 percent to $ 4 billion.
In addition, Microsoft also recorded a spike in sales in its online search and advertising, segmentation of devices and entertainment, including Xbox 360 video game systems, computer games, mobile phones and products. other products.

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Screen lock Windows 7 style Windows 8

In addition to the Metro interface, the screen lock and login interface of Windows 8 is also redesigned to look more beautiful than Windows 7 product key. You can bring this beautiful lock interface to Windows 7 now. Its thanks to Win Lock Pro.
In the process of using the computer, you sometimes have to leave the computer for a period of time without wanting anyone to use the computer as it may affect your current job.
By default, Windows offers lock mode for use in this case, however, with Win Lock Pro, you have a standalone tool, with password lock functionality on the interface. New and Impressive Windows 8.
After installation, click "Run WinLock PRO" to activate and use the software.
In the first use, a dialog box appears, asking the user to enter a password and confirm the password to lock the computer. At the same time, your computer will be put on lock status by WinLock PRO software.
The interface of the screen lock machine is similar to the interface of Windows 8 product key, with a high quality wallpaper and information about the date, time ... displayed on the main interface.
To return to Windows and exit the lock mode, double-click anywhere on the screen, and the unlock interface will open, allowing you to enter the password to unlock and return to the interface. Windows. Here you enter the password was created above then click Submit.
Back in the Windows interface, the WinLock PRO icon will be hidden under the Windows system tray. To change the settings of the software, right-click the icon, select Settings. The software will ask for a password to start changing the settings.
After entering the password, WinLock PRO's main interface will be displayed. Here, the software offers options in the form of buttons:
- Your name: The name you want to use when logging on to your computer. This is just the name used by the Win Lock PRO software rather than the username of Windows.
Set Password: In case you want to change the password set earlier.
- Select Background: Allows the user to change the background image in the lock interface. By default, the wallpaper at each lock will change, but if you want to use your own wallpaper can use this function.
- Change Profile Picture: Picture represent the user's account at login interface login password.
- Reset: In case you want to restore the settings changed above to bring back the default settings of the software, press the Reset button. At that time, any settings you made above will be restored to default.
Here is how to use and set up the software. From now on, if you need to leave your computer without wanting anyone to use your computer or see what you are doing on your computer, just right-click the Win Lock software icon in the system tray, select Lock . Immediately, Windows product key will be brought back to lock mode. To unlock, simply double-click anywhere on the screen.
Not only lock the machine when used, Win Lock PRO also has a lock function when booting Windows. With the help of the software, you just have a tool to change the Windows startup screen, and has a tool to lock the computer when needed, in the same style as the Windows 8 operating system. .
In addition to Win Lock PRO, if you want to help your Windows 7 with the interface and features similar to Windows 8, you can use the Mosaic software has been introduced by David to bring Metro interface, interface characteristics Windows 8 comes with Windows 7.

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Learn more about the unique Taskbar in Windows 7

At first glance, Windows 7 product key looks like Windows Vista ahead, especially the glossy Aero mirror. But in fact, this latest operating system brings a lot of improvements worth, including the Taskbar is extremely interesting.
The first is Quick Launch (which contains shortcuts to commonly used applications located at the bottom left corner of the screen, right next to the Start button) that have been "etched" with the Taskbar. And instead, there is now only one horizontal bar that contains icons, much like the OS X dock. You can also right-click on these icons and "push" them to the taskbar (just like the dock ) when you are not using.
If the applications are grouped together in the taskbar, users can press CTRL and click to reverse the window backward, or just press SHIFT and click to "duplicate" the selected application. Assuming that you have "duplicated" two Firefox windows and ran in parallel, when either of the two crashes did not affect the other window. Google Chrome also has similar features to tabs.
The taskbar in Win 7 includes both Jumplist, which acts as a shortcut for applications when right-clicking on the icon on the taskbar. It is possible to compare Jumplist with the ability to save new files opened in Start> My Recent Document, which is inherent to Windows, but is more extensible: a list of recently opened web pages or files will be displayed when right clicked. to each application. With Internet Explorer, the History section is displayed and Word is the closest text file.
Jumplist can also be customized as desired. For example, if you regularly open a folder with Windows Explorer, just right-click and drag and drop that folder to the Win Explorer icon, it will be "attached" to it and the next visit will be single. Much simpler.
Microsoft office 2010 product key also saves users time by allowing the use of Windows shortcut keys associated with 1 to 5 keys to launch corresponding to the first five applications on the Taskbar. It is possible to switch between applications that are launched very easily by using the Windows and # combinations.
Even features available in Vista such as hovering over the app to see the thumbnail of the app are also improved. Assuming that three Firefox windows are "merged" under the same icon, the Aero Peak utility will display thumbnails for all three. Users can quickly view or switch between these thumbnails. With specially-powered applications like IE, Aero Peek even displays tabbed pages.
Finally, the ability to move the Taskbar to the side of the screen: set the Taskbar on the left, the right screen but still ensure aesthetics. With Windows 7 professional product key, Microsoft has overcome the "peculiar" graphic deformation, so the position of the Taskbar is how to become really attractive. The icons on the Taskbar are tidy and harmonious, though the Taskbar is horizontal or upright.

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Simple ways to speed up Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system that is highly rated for speed, but there are still many different ways to improve the speed and performance of this operating system, especially on machines that are not so powerful. The article below will help you do that.
Fast switching between windows:
Removing dynamic effects during the transition between two open windows (minimized and enlarged windows) can help improve Windows 7 speed. Follow these steps:
- Click the Start button, enter SystemPropertiesPerformance in the search box and press Enter.
- In the window that appears, click the Visual Effects tab.
- Check the 'Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing' option and click OK to finish.
Alternatively, you can check the 'Adjust for best performance' section for Windows 7 professional product key  to remove unneeded effects, making Windows more lightweight. However, with this option, Windows 7 will become "rough" and deteriorate a lot.
Speed ​​up your Windows 7 startup:
By default, Windows 7 uses only one core of the cpu to boot, so multiplying that multiplier will reduce the system boot time (for multi-core CPUs). Follow the steps below:
- Click the Start button, type msconfig into the search box and hit Enter.
- In the System Configuration window that appears, select the Boot tab and click the Advanced Options ... button.
- Highlight Number of processors and select the kernel number of the computer you are using (usually 2, 4 or 8 ... times).
- Click OK to confirm.
You can also apply this method to improve the boot speed of Windows Vista.
Speed ​​up system shutdown:
Similar to boot, Windows 7 has a faster shutdown time than Windows Vista or XP, but you can still improve the shutdown time by using the following tips:
- Click Start, type regedit in the search box and press Enter.
- In the Registry Editor dialog box, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control
- In the right pane, double-click the WaitToKillServiceTimeout key to change its value. The default value of this key is 12000 (12 seconds, the maximum time to shutdown the service before shutting down the system), you can reduce this time to any level (greater than 0) to shorten the system shutdown time.
- Click OK and restart the computer to set the value.
Remove the Search Indexing feature:
If you do not regularly use the search function on Windows product key, Search Indexing is really a waste. This feature uses a lot of system resources, but is one of those not really needed features.
Follow the steps below to remove:
- Click the Start button, type services.msc into the search box and press Enter.
- At the Services window, find Windows Search.
- Right-click on this item and select Properties.
- Finally, select Disable in the Startup type and click OK to finish.
Accelerated Toolbar display:
The thumbnail feature of the open windows on the taskbar is one of the useful features of Windows 7. The following tips will help you improve the display time of these thumbnails:
Click Start, enter regedit in the Search box and press Enter.
- At the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced.
- Right-click an empty area in the right pane, and select New -> DWORD Value. Name this new key ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime.
- Double click on the newly created key, at the bottom of the Decimal tab, and set the value at Value data. You can fill in any value, but during the test, 200 (0.2 seconds) and figure is said to be the most efficient and optimal.
- Click OK and restart the computer to set the value.
Here are some simple but effective tips to improve the speed of Windows 7. Maybe these tips make Windows 7 display not as good as the original, but if performance and speed are the priority No. 1, you should try.

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How to remove the library from Windows 7

It can be said that you are facing the problem of missing Windows 7 libraries in sorting your information appropriately in Windows 7 ultimate product key. Do not sweat it, Windows 7 libraries help their users The method of keeping information up and running away from library windows is no longer active. In addition, you can organize photos, records, documents, music and all other personal information using this unusual element of Window 7 home premium product key. Many times the Windows 7 libraries do not work. normal and users of the Windows 7 library encountered many problems. Also, if you are a Windows 7 user and do not like the Windows 7 library, you can remove the libraries from Windows 7.
While working with the Windows 7 Library, we encountered many problems. For example, the Windows 7 library does not work, the Windows 7 library is missing, the windows library is no longer working, removing libraries from Windows 7.
1. Windows 7 Library Missing? Windows 7 library does not work, remove library from Windows 7
When you open Windows Explorer from the taskbar, the main window you will see is a Windows 7 library. Furthermore, we can see that there are four default Windows 7 libraries. Each default Windows 7 library contains two organizers. One of the customer's profile folders and other folders in the public profile directory. Also, this is My Music and Public Music. For example, you can certainly deal with your documents, organizers and personal information. In addition, it is organized as you can track your records, images and reports independently. Finally, we will also discuss how to fix Windows libraries that are no longer functional.
Documentation (Windows 7 Library does not work How to delete libraries from Windows 7)
2. How Windows 7 libraries are different from directories? The Windows 7 library does not work
A folder is a container for storing or maintaining a document or file.
The library does not contain data. In addition, the Windows 7 Library (Windows 7 library does not work) provides a single point of view of the various directories and their substance.
3. What is the missing Windows 7 Library and how does the Document Library work in Windows 7?
When you open Docs, you will see some apps that install folders in My Documents. Software like Net Beans, Visual Studio, etc. Install some software on your operating system (Windows 7 library does not work). On the other hand, some directories are automatically installed in the Documents library that contains the project files.
Here you can see, some applications are installed on my PC, and by default, executable documents are created in this folder.
4. How to remove the library from windows 7?
First of all, we will discuss in detail how to delete libraries from Windows 7. In addition, it will help in removing windows 7 libraries. Follow these steps to remove a library from Windows 7:
Go to Start> Run Type.
Import Regedit at runtime.
It will go to the Windows Registry.
Find the lock above by extending to the left.
Change the attribute value from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0 (depending on your Windows registry).
Right-click on the "ShellFolder" key and select "Permissions".
Click OK to apply the change.
Please let us know in the comment section if your windows 7 library is not working properly. Also, how is your experience for removing libraries from windows 7? Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.